Group X Phases Of The Moon

The Phases Of The Moon means the different stages the moon goes through in about a month. Actually it is 29.5305882 days to be precise. This cycle is called the Synodic Period or Lunation.

How It Happens

The phases change when the Moon orbits the Earth, causing the Moon to be either more or less visible (depending on the stage). If we were on another planet, the Moon would be at different stages at different times. There is always half of the Moon in light at any one time, and the other half in darkness. When people talk about the 'Dark Side of the Moon', they don't mean the side of the Moon that is dark, they mean the side of the Moon we can't see.

What Are The Stages?

The four quarters are Full, First Quarter, New and Third Quarter,with more in between. The others are Waxing Gibbous,Waxing Crescent,Waning Crescent and Waning Gibbous.

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