Group X Exoplanets And Aliens



An extra solar planet, or “exoplanet”, is any planet that orbits a star other than the Sun. We know of exoplanets of all sizes, from bigger than Jupiter to smaller than Earth. Just like in our Solar System, exoplanets can orbit their stars at any distance; some exoplanets orbit so close to their stars that their surface temperatures are hot enough to melt iron! Some exoplanets will orbit at just the right distance that we say they’re in their star’s “habitable zone”, that they are the right temperature to have liquid water at their surface and might be able to support life. Basically an exoplanet is a planet that has potential to support life to live on the planet.



Aliens are other species of life that live on an other planets other than earth. There have been no evidence on alien existence but it is possible if these things are on a planet: orbits a sun/star, contains water, has enough heat for life to live on, the gravity is strong enough for life to stay on and enough energy for life to live off (such as plants).

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