Group W The Gas Giant Planets

There are 4 Gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. they are rocky gaseous planets made from gases such as hydrogen and helium.
Jupiter and Saturn consist mostly of hydrogen and helium, with heavier elements making up between 3 and 13 percent of the mass.
They are known asa the 4 outer planets because the asteroid belt sepeaates the planets. The outer planets are alot colder around -150 degrees celsius,
because they are further away from the sun. The outer planets have dozens of moon Jupiter has 50, Saturn has 53, Uranus has 27 moons and Neptune has 13 moons.


The gas giants aren't called 'giants' for no reason they have a massive diameter. Jupiter has a diameter of 139,822 km,
Saturn has a diameter of 116,464 km, Uranus has a diameter of 50,724 and Neptune has a diameter of 49,244 km.
The planets have a huge distance from the Sun. jupiter has distance of 778,340,821 km with that just being the closest but,
Neptune(the most furthest planet away from the sun) with a distance of 4,498,396,441 km thats why the planets are freezing!

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