Group W Phases Of The Moon

Phases of the moon
The phases of the moon is shown by the amount of sunlit moon you can see at different parts of the year. You only ever see one side of the moon because the moon rotates on its axis at the same speed as it rotates the earth. One lunar phase takes 27 days 7 hours and and 34 minutes this is one orbit. There are 8 important intermediate phases New moon where you can not see the moon as it is to close to the sun. Waxing crescent is up to 1/2 of the seen moon. Then you have first quarter then you have 50% of the seen moon. Waxing gibbous is from the size of the first quarter to a full moon. Full moon is is only 50% of the actually moon as the other half can not be seen from earth though it looks full as it is an entire circle.

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