Group W Day And Night

The reason why we have day and night is because the earth rotates, it spins on its axis,
which is an imaginary line passing through the north and south poles. The earth takes 24 hours to
make a complete turn. The earth is always spinning, but we don't feel it because we are moving about the same speed of about 1600 km per hour.
when the sun illuminates one half of the earth and the other half is the shadow. We move from shadow to light. so whilst it might be day in England it will be night in Australia the best example of this is the two poles where it is day for half the year because of the axis is pointing toward the sun whilst in the other pole it is night.


The Sun appears to move from east to west.
That's because the Earth is spinning towards to the east, so we see the Sun first appear there at the start of the day.

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