Group R Stars

Stars are massive balls of gas, like the sun. Stars are made when a huge cloud of hydrogen gas breaks apart and then when it gets hot enough to burn nuclear fuel which is producing massive amounts of heat and radiation.Throughout the years the nuclear will run out which is roughly in about 5 million years the whole star goes a lot bigger and then the core stars to contract,it then becomes a giant star which eventually explodes and then turns into a cool dim object, which is also known as a black hole,neutron star,or a black dwarf it all depends on the mass of the star.

In the universe most stars are in a group with two stars which they then are locked in a elliptical orbit around their barycentre which is their centre of mass these are called a binary star system. Roughly about half of the stars in the universe are part of the binary star system.There are also groups of stars called clusters which contain unorganized stars also there is an open cluster which contains up to 1000 stars and finally there is galaxies which contain millions of stars.

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