Group R Exoplanets And Aliens
Do aliens really exist and in what form?
Aliens can exist in bacteria form. We have evidence of this in rock samples from Mars that has fossilize bacterium in them.
Humanoid life forms is a lot hard to confirm. Many people claimed to have encounters with being from other worlds.
There 5 counts of encounters with aliens, and they are:
Encounters with Unidentified Flying Objects have been categorised into five groups as close encounters of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth kind. When a person sees a UFO within 150 metres, it's an encounter of the first kind. When an encounter with a UFO in the sky or on the ground leaves evidence behind such as scorch marks on the ground or indents, etc., it's of the second kind.
When an encounter is with visible occupants inside the UFO, it's of the third kind. The fourth kind involves the person being taken and experimented on inside the alien craft. The fifth kind involve direct communication between aliens and humans. we have no idea of what aliens look like and its actually quite disturbing that we have a perception of what they look like. we often imagine a green human like creature with big eyes and a large forehead. There have been many alien possibilities but often people are too lazy to research them, but all the stories of sightings at night in the woods are probably just scary myths.
EXOPLANETS An exoplanet is a planet that orbits a star outside of our solar system. for example Kepla-1593b is a exoplanet. Exoplanets range in size from the size of earth to the incredible size of Jupiter. We hardly know anything about them and only discovered them around 10 years ago. they are very hard to identify and will probably remain a mystery for a very long time…
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