Group Q Day And Night

the planets spin as they orbit the sun it takes the earth 24 hours to turn all the way around on its axis so a earth day is 24 hours. different planets take a different amount of time to spin all the way around on their axis, so they have different lengths days. the sun lights up one half of earth and the other half of earth in shadow. during the day the sun appears to move through the sky. the sun moves west to east thats because the earth is spinning towards the east, so we see the sun first appear at the start of the day. the sun rises in the morning and sets at evening. one way to remember which way the earth spins is "w.e spins" which means earth spins west to east. during the night we cant see the sun but the earth is still spinning on the axis this means all the stars appear to appear from east to west in the sky just as the sun does in the day.

why is there day and night?
clearly when we see the sun its day and when you dont its evening. long ago people thought wierd things about the sun and how it travelled across the sky. the greeks believed that the sun rode across the sky in a chariot drawn by the four white horses, driven by the god heleius! these days we know that the sun moves across the sky because earth rotates on its axis. so how fast does the earth move to rotate around the axis in 24 hours? well the earth travels at a speed about 2200 km per hours its good that we are humans and we dont really feel how fast the earth goes


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