Group G The Sun

Compared to the billions of stars in the universe the sun is unremarkable. But for the earth and the other planets going around it, the sun is a powerful sight of attension.

The sun is a big star. it is 864.000 miles (1.4 million kilometers) wide. The sun is very hot on the outside it is 28 million fahrenhite celcius. it could fit inside 98 earths but the pesentage of the gases is high its is 99.8.Planet earth revolves around the sun in a whole year. The earth would not exist if it wasn't for the sun.
What is the sun?
The Sun is a ball of plasma, helium and hydrogen. Loads of people describe it as a huge ball of gas and fire.
What is the suns job?
The Sun's job is to heat up planet earth. When one half of the earth is dark and one half is light, the light half is day time and the dark one is night time.
No organism on planet earth would be alive if the sun is not around

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