Group F Galaxies And Black Holes

Welcome to our page all about black holes and galaxys.
Black holes are really all to do with stars when a star dies it will do one of two things it will explode then it can eaither create a super nova wich will destroy basicly every thing or it will explode but then suck back in and create a black hole.Black holes are so powerfull that they suck in everything around them even light so you can't acctualy see a black hole because it sucks in all the light around you no one knows what happens when you get sucked into a black hole but I'm pretty sure it isn't nice.
Here is a picture of what sicentists think a blck hole looks like. It shows pretty well the light being sucked in form either side because obviously black holes arn't 2D they are very much 3D although some people think that they are like portals bt no one will ever be able to prove or disprove this theory. Black hole's can suck things in from a very long way away its a little bit like flying towards the sun you would die long before you rech it a black holes gravitational pull could suck you in so fast that nothing you could do would counteract this force. So if you see a black hole (or not for that matter) It's to late no matter what you do you are going to die but on the bright side it would probobly be quite quick because you would have been sucked into the black hole before you could finish remembering this web page.

Now onto galaxys in short a galaxy is a huge number of stars and planets for example we live in the milky way.The milky way is massive and we are such a small insignifican't part of it.
This picture of the milky way shows us where we are compared to other places. As you can see the milky way is made up of 8 arms and the one that we live on is called the local arm. The galactic bulge in the middle is just lots of stars very close together but most of the milky way is very sparsly populated for example the nearest star to our sun is 4.2 light years away that is a very very long way and it would take millions of years to reach it. The milky way is very big and we are quite close to the center but it would take a very long time to discover it all because it covers such a large area because if you think how long it would take to search all of earth then think about how long it would take to explore something millions if not billions times bigger.

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