Group E The Sun

The Sun
The sun is by far the largest object in the solar system. It contains more than 99.8% of the total mass of the solar system. People mistake the sun for a planet when actually it is a star.
Murcury is the closest planet to the sun. It has no atmosphere and it is very hot. The sun is much bigger than the moon and the earth. The sun lies at the heart of the solar system and is roughly 109 times the diametre of the earth. About 1 million earths could fit in the sun.
The sun was born roughly about 4.6 billion years ago and is still around now.
Sun spots
Sun apots are relativly cool, dark features on the suns surface that are often circular. They emerge where dense bbundles of magnetic field lines from the suns interior break through the surface.
The suns light takes just 8.3 minites for the light to reach earth. It is 150 million kilometres away from earth.[[]]

Planets such as earth do not make their own life. They are non luminouse. We see planets only because the light from the sun bounces off them and reaches us.

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