Group E The Seasons

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The Seasons
During one year there are four seasons these are - Spring, Summer, Autumn and winter. Spring is the months March to May, Summer is the months June to Aughst, Autumn is the months September to November and finally Winter is the months December to February. We have heve seasons because the earth is tilted as it makes its yearly journey around the sun.
We have hot summers and cold winters because of the earths axis.
four-seasons.jpgSummer is the hottest season and Winter is the coldest season. It is hot in Summer and cold in Winter because of th time length in the days. In Summer the days last longer and the nights are shorter.
There are three reasons why we have seasons…
2)Revolution-The earth evolves around the sun
3)The North Pole ALWAYS points in the same direction
In the Winter the days are shorter and the nights are longer so in the daytime there is less time for the sun to heat up. Short winter days have very cold!
There are 365 days in a year and thats equal to 52 weeks and 12 months the seasons are spread out evenly between the 12 months.
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