Group 8 The Seasons

Have you ever wondered why we have Seasons?

Many people think that some parts of the year are hotter because we're nearer to the sun but the real reason is that the Earth is tilted.


As the sun stays at the exact same position the Earth spins around whilts it is tilted, but then it spins around the sun while doing this. So whilst the South gets summer the North will get winter.


The complete answer to why we have Summer and Winter is that when the Earth is "tilted" in relation to the rays of the sun .
In the summer time, the northen parts of the world is tilted towards the sun,wich recives more solar energy.

Why dose it get cold in the winter ?
As the Eath travels around the Sun the seaons change. because our world is tilted on its axis , the sulight falls on it at differnt angles duringEarth'sTilt.jpg

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