Group 8 The Rocky Inner Planets

Do you know what rocky inner planets are?

Well we do.

Inner planets are closer to the sun than the outer planets. Inner planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. The outer planets are Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter (and maybe Pluto. The inner and outer planets are separated by a large distance and an asteroid belt. The inner planets are "rocky" the outer planets are gaseous (with the exception of Pluto.)


Mercury and Venus have no moons but Earth has 1 moon and Mars has 2.

You picked the Inner Planets…Great choice! The Inner Planets are closer to the sun, so my family will get to enjoy soaking up some rays, and maybe I can work on my tan. My family loves hot weather! Now, we need to take a closer look at these four planets to get a better idea of what they're like. Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are all made of rock. However, Venus and Earth are quite larger than Mercury and Mars.

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