Group 8 Eclipses

Have you ever wondered what an Eclipse actually is?

warning-general-2.gif Don't EVER look at the sun without proper eye protection, even during an eclipse. Although the sun can be partly covered, your eyes can be seriously damaged by looking at it directly… sunglasses are not proper eye protection for looking at the sun.

One of the sky's most spectacular viewings is a solar eclipse. When a solar eclipse happens, its that the moon has come in front of the Sun and either partially or fully blocked our view of the sun. This can only happen during a new moon phase but to things even more mysterious, sometimes the moon blocks the sun entirely, sometimes it appears as though there has been a circular slice taken out of the sun and occasionally the moon passes directly in front of the Sun without completely covering the Sun's face.

These are all different kinds of solar eclipses, but any of them is incredible to watch. Before our knowledge of the sky allowed us to predict when a solar eclipse was going to take place, we got very concerned when on e happened because the Sun is very important to us on Earth.


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