Group 8 Day And Night

Have you ever wonderd how DAYand NIGHT works?

Well we know how…

The Earth's rotation depends on where abouts you are standing. For example: if you are standing on the north pole you would hardly be spinning at all however as you get closer to the equator the rotation speed picks up.

The side of the world that is closest to the sun, it is day, but the other side of the world , it is night. That is why other countries timings are different from yours.


Day occurs on the side of the Earth that is facing the sun. Night occurs when the side of the Earth is facing away from the sun, as only one-half of the sphere's surface can be facing the sun at a time.

For example: if you hold a globe up infront of you, what can you see? Only one half of the Globe, well its the same with the sun. The suns light can only hit one side of the sun at one time. You may ask your self now, so how do we have both day and night? Because the Earth is always spinning on its axis, if it stoped spinning then only one side of the Earth would get light.

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