Group 7 The Gas Giant Planets

Just before 2006, pluto was still considered the most remote plant in the solar system. However, due to the discovery of a series of objects that had similair sizes and characterisics to that of the pluto, the objects has been demoted from its status of planet to that of the kuiper belt object, or minor planet. Currently, The solar system consists of eight planets four inner rocky planet and four gas giants.

Jupiter is the closests gas giant planets in the solar system. With an esimated diameter of about 11 times that of our planet, Jupiter packs about twice the mass of all the other even planets. Saturn, The sixth planet from the sun is a little smaller than Jupiter, and unlike the other planets it presents a special feature. Around the equator orbits a thin ring of matter consisting of dust and ice particals. Urainus and Neptune have diameters about 4 times that of the earth.

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