Group 6 The Seasons

This information is all about The seasons. There are four season

Winter_comes in_
December, January, february

Spring comes in
march, april may

summer comes in
June, july, august

Autumn comes in
september, october, november

During winter season it gets dark soon, we have shorter days and often they are very cold. winter is usually cold and wet however it doesnt make any difference to other countries.
The we have spring weather which is really nice and flowery. after that we have summer when its very, very hot. I really hate this hot weather but its nice when its nice windy and sunny, fresh air. Autumn is an awful type of weather because its actually sunny however the days are also short in this weather as well.

Now lets talk about the mail point, which is about that how does the season changes


It turns out that the elliptical orbit of the Earth has little effect on the seasons. Instead, it is the 23.45-degree tilt of the planet's rotational axis that causes us to have winter and summer.

The diagram below demonstrates what happens.

In this diagram, you can see the axis of rotation and the equator. The Northern Hemisphere (at the top) is currently experiencing winter, and the Southern Hemisphere is experiencing summer. By looking at how sunlight is landing on the planet in the diagram, you can clearly see two things:

•The Southern Hemisphere is getting about three times as much sunlight as the Northern Hemisphere.
•The North Pole is getting zero sunlight, which is why it experiences 24 hours of darkness in January.
And Thats huge difference in the amount of sunlight reaching the ground in the different hemispheres is what causes the four seasons winter, summer, autumn and spring

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