Group 6 Day And Night

Day and night.

Well, today we are going to tell you some of information about day and night.

The earth rotates,from west to east on its own axis-an imaginary line running through the centre of the planet-spinning like a top. A complete rotation takes about 24 hours or one day.
When the part of Earth on which we live is turned away from the light of the Sun, we have night time. At the same time, people on the other side of the world have daytime. As Earth continues its movement, we move toward the Sun's light, and day comes. Day is when people are not asleep, and there up and ready to work/play! Night is where people go to bed and have a doze from the hard work they did at day. People have different times. such as: London, Sydney,Newyork and Calcutta. When it is 11am in NewYork, it is 4m in London, For example.

At night if you go outside you will see sparkly lights called "Stars" The stars are called "Astroids". Astroids are on fire which make them sparkle. Also you can see a glowing round shape called "The Moon". There has been people on the moon before, the people were Neil Armstrong, Buzz Oldren. It is really important to have day and night because day is hard working, and night is your rest. If you dont sleep, you may be really is tired for the day. Especially if you have a job.

The Sun gives us light. The moon gives us light at night. if there was no moon, we wouldnt be able to see at all at night, only if we had lights. Sometimes we can see the moon glow in the day. And sometimes we can not see it at night.

Here is a video to tell you a bit more about day and night

Watch this video for more information.

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