Group 4 The Seasons
why do we have four seasons in a year?
The Earth rotates around the sun, the earth is tilted on its axis which causes some countries to face quite from or near to the sun at differnt times of the year but that does not affect how much sunshine the countries in the middle of the Earth receive.the side awy from the sun does not receive enough sunshine bu too much coldness which causes winter. When the Earth tilts for some time the coutries at the top and bottm tilt close to the sun the spiring comes but because the country is close both the hot and cold side the country receives both sunshine and rain that helps leaves on trees to grow again. After some time the earth tilts closer to the sun son there is more sun shine for a long period of time that cuses leaves to dry and some waek plants to die.Then the cold starts to come back again. That is the Autumn and back to the winter. thise are the months gruped arccording to seasons:
Autumn (October, November)
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