Group 1 Eclipses

There are 2 types of eclipses. Solar eclipses which can only be seen in certain places in certain times and are very dangerous if you look at it directly. There is also lunar eclipses which can be seen everywhere and are quite safe.

Solar Eclipses.

Solar eclipses are formed when the moon blockes out the sun's light and so the area where it is goes dark as in night, but don't look at it as it is as dangerous as looking at the sun. A solar eclipses can only be seen in certain places at certain times and the last one in Britain was on th 11th August 1999.

Lunar Eclipses

A lunar eclipse is where the sun, the earth and the moon are perfectly allighned with the Earth in the middle. Unlike a Solar eclipse which lasts a matter of minutes and are very dangerous, a lunar eclipse lasts for a few hours and is just as safe as looking as the moon. The last one to be viewed was on the 15th June 2011, which was a resonably rare central eclipse where the center of the earth covered the centre of the moon, and also the 10th of December. The next one will be on the 27th July, 2018.

Picture of the 15th June 2011 lunar eclipse from Tanzania

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